Form 13: Preparing to Fill out Your Financial Statement

The family court process can be an emotionally difficult experience. Having a clear plan for how to go through this process will help make it easier.

​What is a Financial Statement?

Financial statements are forms that you fill out to help the court decide issues like child support, spousal support, and division of property. A financial statement asks for information about your income, expenses, assets (ex bank account, car, property) and debts (ex car loan, line of credit, mortgage).

Who Must Complete Form 13?

Form 13 must be completed if you are making or responding to a claim for spousal support or child support, or a claim to change support. For property claims you will need to fill out Form 13.1. You can also use this form to help you and your partner reach an agreement out of court.

​How Often Do I Need to Update my Form 13

If you have a court case, there are rules about when and how often you must update your financial statements. Generally, if your Financial Statement is more than 30 days old you will have to prepare either a new, updated Form 13 or an affidavit that confirms the information in your Financial Statement is still true.

What Information Do I Need to Fill out My Form 13?

Before you start, please gather information such as:

Employment Information (most recent)

☐ Pay Cheque Stub(s)

☐ Social Assistance Stub

☐ Pension Stub

☐ Workers Compensation Stub

☐ Employment Insurance Stub

☐ Last Record of Employment / Letter from your Employer

☐ Or Statement of Income and Expenses / Professional Activities (for self-employed individuals)

Financial Records (last 3 years)

☐ Bank Statements

☐ Mortgage Statements

☐ Credit Card Statements

☐ Utilities Statements

☐ Personal or Business Income Tax Returns (last 3 years)

☐ Copy of all Notices of Assessment or Reassessment (last 3 years)

☐ Or An Income and Deductions printout from Canada Revenue Agency (for any years where taxes were not filed) 1-800-959-8281

☐ Or If you are an Indian within the meaning of the Indian Act (Canada) and have not filed income tax returns for the last 3 years you will need to find any documents with proof of income (last 3 years)

*If you do not have copies of your income tax returns or notices of assessment please follow this link to create an online CRA account*

Form 13: Financial Statement Guide

Click here for the step-by-step guide for how to fill out Form 13.