Our Services: Sexual Assault and Family Violence

The Your Way Forward (YWF) Project provides a range of services to individuals affected by gender-based violence.

Online Self-Help Form Walk Through

If you have decided to start the legal divorce or separation process and would like some help filling out your Form 8 Application for Divorce or Form 13 Financial Statement please click below for a step-by-step guide on how to fill out these forms. 

Form 8: Application for Divorce Form 13: Financial Statement


Legal Advice & Information

Through the YWF Project, we can provide advice and legal information to individuals regarding sexual assault, family violence, and the legal divorce or separation process. If you are a person who has been affected by gender-based violence or if you have questions about how to start the legal divorce or separation process including filing a Form 8 General Application for Divorce, please contact us.


All information you give us about your legal problem is confidential – whether we are providing you with advice, referring you to somewhere else for help or representing you at Family Court. The only exceptions are if we hear information that shows a likelihood of serious harm to you or others, or if we get a request from Legal Aid Ontario for financial information that shows that you qualify for our services.

Financial Eligibility

We can only help you if you are living on a low income. However, we may be able to provide some summary advice even if your income is higher than our limits, so call us.

If your main source of income is one of the following, then you may qualify financially for our service:

  • Ontario Works (OW)
  • Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)
  • Old Age Security Pension with Guaranteed Income Supplement
  • War Veterans’ Allowance
  • Canada Pension Plan (if a CPP application where CPP is the primary source of family income)